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aromatherapy wholesale essential oils, carrier oils and cosmetic bases with packaging, bottles, jars and closures aromatherapyc carrier oils, sweet almond 5 litre and grapeseed 5 litre Direct from stock a wide range of pumps and closures and atomisers and sprays







A wide range of PET bottles & closures available direct from stock. No minimum order, competitive single unit prices & discounts for bulk purchase.
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foot cream and made cosmetics for your business







Our face washes are simply divine. Silky smooth and luscious to use, they are immensely moisturising and rejuvenating to the skin. Always a popular product with retail and wholesale customers... find out more


Aromatherapy with essential oils, carrier oils and floral waters width_space.gif massage oils with organic carrier oils and organic essential oils width_space.gif Natural skin care without parabens width_space.gif Spa aromatherapy bodycare width_space.gif Natural shampoo, conditioner and hair shot deep penetrating treatments width_space.gif Plastic bottles, plastic jars and glass bottles and jars in PET and aluminium width_space.gif music for massage and for aromatherapy relaxation width_space.gif Complete range of Original Bach Flower Remedies and Sets
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